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Neighborhood Services for Dogs & Cats

Pet house visits and neighbourhood walks. 7 days a week!

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Neighborhood Services for Dogs

15 Minute Dog Potty Break

We will take your dog outside to go to the bathroom for 15 minutes. This is perfect for older dogs or dogs with health problems who may not need much exercise

Price: $35

Time: 15 minutes

30 Minute Dog Potty Break

We will take your dog outside to go to the bathroom for 30 minutes. This is better for dogs who need to stretch their legs a bit.

Price: $45

Time: 30 minutes

Neighborhood Services for Cats

Cat Check

This will include:

  • socialization

  • photos of your cats

  • feeding

  • refreshing water

  • cleaning cat box

  • checking on their health

We can do medication at an added cost. This includes up to 2 cats and we charge $5 for each additional cat. If you wish to schedule two visits in a day we charge $60.

Price: $35

Time: 15 minutes


60 Minute Neighborhood Dog Walk

If your dog isn't a great candidate for off leash hikes, and maybe doesn't get along well with others, but they need a good amount of exercise, this will get them that!

Price: $60

Time: 60 minutes

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We also offer Off-leash training

This is for the dogs who wander, have high prey drives, don't listen reliably, get distracted by the dogs they're playing with, etc.

These will get your dog out of the house for an hour or so, Anthony will bring them to a park or open space near your home and there will be 30 minutes of full focus training.

We can schedule these on days your dogs don't hike, and Anthony will work with our walkers to make sure they're consistent in how they work with your dogs so they keep their good trail manners.


When they're actively doing off leash training it may be necessary for them to stay on a long leash when hiking with us. He'll leave detailed report cards as well for you.

Groomed Dog
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Did you know we also do dog grooming?

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